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Ways to Use Voice Over Internet Protocol

Top Twelve Ways to Use Voice Over Internet Protocol in your Business

Author: Gregory Burrus

It seems that each year in this age of the internet, that every day there is a new technology being introduced. If you are like most of us, you are looking for technology to work for you not against you? Have you heard of Voice over internet protocol but not sure if it is worth your time and energy to explore the possible benefits to your business?

In this article we will demonstrate that Voice over internet protocol is a very powerful technology that transcends your normal latest greatest technical tool that is being introduced but you can't see how it applies to you. As the voice component of IOVC strategy and technology, we will list capabilities that you can use to reduce your business expenses and improve your ability to attract customers using just this one technical component.

Voice over internet protocol is a well known technology in some areas and in others it is relatively unknown. However as one of the internet, office, voice and customer management technologies, IOVC, it is a voice over internet protocol technology, which you may not realize, can work wonders for your business. Voice over internet protocol to most people know it as tool that can reduce their phone bill but not necessarily as a tool to help improve and grow their business. But you can use voice over internet protocol technologies:

1. As your phone service and eliminate your current traditional phone service

2. To reduce your phone bill and save some money in your pocket

3. As a marketing tool and let it help you brand your business

4. To run Teleseminars for a very low cost

5. To record audio messages and talk for you when you are not available

6. As your instant support tool and show your customers you are very customer focused

7. For voice mail when you can't be available

8. To open up international office and do this all in 5 minutes

9. For your call forwarding service and let voice over internet protocol enable you to go mobile now

10. As an office extension especially if you need to build a bigger office or add on staff

11. To pay your bills as a convenient way to send money to your Paypal contacts

12. To integrate with Microsoft Outlook and save time, money and energy

As you can see from the list of Voice over internet protocol capabilities above, this voice technology has many beneficial capabilities. It is one of the reasons this IOVC technology is starting to garner more attention in the small business community.

Most people as you can imagine only use Voice over internet protocol as phone replacement technology. But now that you know it can help you market your business, or help you present your business, even when you can't be there in person. The fact it can help you pay your bills while on the road should show you this can be one powerful tool The fact that most of this comes for free should really excite you.

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