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Wireless Networks Benefits to Communities

Author: Amy Nutt

A strong wireless network can have a very positive effect on virtually any community which has one in place. The benefits go way beyond just simple entertainment, a strong wireless network ensures that even residents on a tight budget can remain in contact with friends and loved ones and it can provide an incredible resource for the education of students of all ages; from entering school all the way through graduate school.

Staying Safe

Communities that have a municipal wireless network in place can have all emergency service personnel online from right inside their vehicles. Laptops on board in police cruisers, ambulances and fire trucks give emergency personnel access to detailed maps of the city and will allow transmission of photos of suspected criminals and detailed layouts of buildings and houses. The laptops will also allow for silent communication between officers and other emergency personnel via e-mail and instant messaging. Wireless cameras will also allow real time footage to be transmitted from emergency vehicles directly back to the station.


Community wireless networks will often allow for wireless internet connection, free of charge to schools, colleges and libraries opening up the world's largest resource - the internet - to classrooms and students. This will allow younger students to experience activities and get knowledge that may not have been available to them for years to come, all while keeping the expense for hard copy resources down. Books, streaming videos, educational games and activities all become available to teachers and students with little more than the click of a few buttons. What would have taken hundreds of dollars worth of books to teach can now be imparted to young students on a few cents worth of copy paper.

High school and college age students also get big benefits from the ability to log onto the internet. Research papers and doctoral thesis's can know be researched in much less time with direct access to literature that would have only been available through a University library otherwise. Students won't have to worry about hunting down volumes that may be needed by other students and competing for time with the materials that they need, regardless of day or time, even if every single student needs the same resource it will be available via the internet.

Some municipal wireless networks are even offering a wireless internet connection for students to access at home after school hours. This means that the education can be continued beyond the school walls. Students won't be limited to learning from this tremendous resource just during school hours - even if their family couldn't otherwise afford a wireless connection these students would be able to continue their education at home after school hours.

Keeping in Contact

E-mail and instant messaging are incredible ways to stay in touch, even if you have to pay for a monthly wireless service to access the internet, there are many free e-mail and instant messaging services available for you to stay in contact with your loved ones from around the world; send personal messages, greeting cards, pictures and videos, for free, and it doesn't end there. VoIP or voice over internet protocol is becoming a more and more popular way of staying in touch. All VoIP takes is some simple software, a microphone and some speakers and with it you can eliminate your standard phone service. The initial investment for VoIP is very minimal, many computer users already have microphones and speakers, and using it is just a simple as using your regular telephone. VoIP lets you talk to people anywhere in the world for free by transmitting your voice over the internet connection.

The benefits of a strong wireless network to communities can certainly change our lives for the better - a strong network can help educate our children, keep our streets safe and keep us in constant contact with all of our friends and loved ones.

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