Saturday, February 27, 2010

Keeping Secure of VOIP

VoIP Hardware - Expand Your Options
While VoIP ( voice over ip) software will most likely retain its popularity with certain segments of people, most cable and phone companies offer hardware-based VoIP services. They bundle this with other packages they have to offer, and provide it all at one cost.

VoIP hardware tends to be more costly than VoIP software, but it is also much easier to configure. The only requirements to get started are a broadband connection and a router. A VoIP hardware connection would entail plugging a phone into a converter box, which, is then connected to your broadband modem.

Voip Security - How Secure Are your Calls?
 The move to Voice over Internet Protocol (or VoIP) has grown in popularity so to have the security issues that surround VoIP systems.

Security issues are now a major concern of companies thinking about changing to a VoIP system.

Vunerability to attack

VoIP is internet based and this creates the problem of being open to all the attacks that are associated with this method of communication.

Security issiues in VOIP ( voice over ip) Applications
 The evolution in the networks & internet has increased different types of applications. One such application is VOIP which has become an alternative to traditional telephone network (public switched telephone network, or PSTN) offering versatile, flexible & economical speech communication. The PSTN of course, is not invulnerable to security breaches. Some of the earliest hackers were ""phone phreakers"", who specialized in making unauthorized long distance calls. more

VoIP Security – Why VoIP Providers Are More Secure 
 Up until recently, the issue of security for VoIP ( voice over ip) hasn’t been one that has received a great deal of attention. However, as the growth of ‘verbal emails’ continues and VoIP becomes increasingly popular particularly amongst business users, it is an issue that has to be addressed.

Using a VoIP provider gives you more of a measure of security than relying on freeware systems available on the Internet. more


Keeping VOIP secure video
 Jared of the TechCentric crew gives you the lowdown on the basics of keeping your voip conversations secure, as well as a short and sweet intro to cain and sniffing voip traffic.

Secure VOIP communication with ZRTP video
 Linux Journal Presents: Phil Zimmermann comes to the rescue again with ZRTP, a protocol for securely transfering keys across a VOIP ( voice over ip) network.

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