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Open Source Software VOIP

Open Source software voip
New Open Source VoIP software released - A new version of the VoIP ( voice over ip) Hopper security assessment tool was released earlier this week, with Nortel VLAN Discovery support. VoIP Hopper is a free security assessment tool that supports VLAN Hopping – in essence, it mimicks the behavior of an IP phone for the Voice VLAN Discovery protocol or mechanism. Then it rapidly automates a VLAN Hop, tagging the DHCP request and all subsequent Voice traffic with the discovered Voice VLAN ID. Since most new VoIP deployments use the segmentation of discrete Voice VLANs for increasing QoS requirements, an attacker must sometimes first gain access into the Voice VLAN as a prerequisite vector, before running other VoIP exploits. VoIP Hopper enables a regular PC to become a member of the IP Phone VLAN. The tool is simple yet powerful, and has been used in many security assessments in the past. The new features of VoIP Hopper: more  

Open Source Software VOIP 
 Open Source VOIP ( voice over ip) applications, both clients and servers.
Open source means all source code is available!! Do not post any ""free but not open"" software here! ,SIP Proxies ,SIP Clients (UA's)
Linux clients, MacOS X clients, Windows clients, SIP tools ,SIP Protocol Stacks and Libraries more

Open Source Software VoIP for Linux
While most open-source projects are applications and utilities intended for single users, we did something different. We created an infrastructure project: a Voice-over-IP (VoIP) phone system that either can run on a single box attached to a couple of IP phones or can scale up to a network of hosts processing hundreds of calls between thousands of users.

Our project is known as the Vovida Open Communications Applications Library (VOCAL), a fully functional phone system that can run on either Red Hat Linux or Sun Solaris. more

What is VoiceOne?
Callware VoiceOne is an easy to use web based GUI for the Asterisk PBX. Open Source software
It gives full control over settings through a simple admin panel. You can manage extensions, preferences, POTS/ISDN/VoIP trunks, queues, and rules sets and dynamically create IVRs. more


Open source software VoIP ( voice over ip): Trixbox 2.0 video
Trixbox's ease of deployment and bevy of Asterisk management tools give enterprises a worthwhile open source alternative to propriety IP PBXs.

Building VoIP Clusters with Asterisk video
Building high-performance VoIP ( voice over ip) Clusters using Asterisk (Open Source software). Speaker: Kevin P. Fleming, Director of Software Technologies for Digium (c) 2007 Stealth Communications.

Horizontal Services, Not So Great? VoIP ( voice over ip) Open Source software Cluecon 
 Horizontal VoIP Services Not So Great Prezo at Cluecon 2007... in Chicago, Illinois. I need assistance in defining the name of the person presenting and the name of his company.

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