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7 Steps to Make RS232 ExpressCard Download Flash to 218X

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Step One: Install CCS2.2 and check your RS232 Interface

To ensure that your source code can be compiled to Download Source: xxx.out file.

Step two: Install Serial Programming Algorithm project file: sdf28xx_v3_0_serial more information, please read the included: SDFlash_Serial_RefGuide_v3_0.pdf and Expresscard RS232.pdf files.

Step Three: In the algorithm set up the project file, the corresponding clock frequency, and generates. 1 SDFLASH 1.63 download, serial download support. 2 SDFLASH algorithm libraries

(1) In the CC file to import F2812SerialFlash.pjt

File directory: C: \ CCStudio_v3.1 \ specdig \ sdflash \ mydrivers \ DSP281x_v3_0 \ DSP281x_serial \ build \ F28xxSerialFlash

(2) set up your target board clock frequency of the corresponding

The Flash280x_API_Config.h the corresponding PLL clock, I use the 20M crystal Chun chose: define CPU_RATE 10.000L / / for a 100MHz CPU clock speed (SYSCLKOUT) (3) Save and compile the project file, generate F2812SerialFlash.out file stored in: C: \ CCStudio_v3.1 \ specdig \ sdflash \ mydrivers \ DSP281x_v3_0 \ DSP281x_serial \ bin

Note: Make sure your flash program space defined in paragraph (in the CMD file changes). IF there is no RS232 Inteface,just install a RS232 Expresscard serial port adapter.

Step four: Install SdFlashV1.60 or later

Fifth Step: Edit sdopts.cfg file that is stored in your installation of windows of the System32 directory

(1) Use Notepad to open the way sdopts.cfg.

(2) "# End of sdopts.cfg" before adding the following text:

[EmulatorId = C1]

EmuPortAddr = 0xC1

EmuPortMode = RS232

EmuProductName = SERIAL_FLASH

[EmulatorId = C2]

EmuPortAddr = 0xC2

EmuPortMode = RS232

EmuProductName = SERIAL_FLASH

[EmulatorId = C3]

EmuPortAddr = 0xC3

EmuPortMode = RS232

EmuProductName = SERIAL_FLASH

[EmulatorId = C4]

EmuPortAddr = 0xC4

EmuPortMode = RS232

EmuProductName = SERIAL_FLASH

Step six: Open SDFlash, according to the methods provided by SDFlash_Serial_RefGuide_v3_0.pdf specify a file path algorithm

In the Project settings, if you chose to use the PC emulator of COM1 for the C1, COM2 select the C2

Seventh Step: The DSP-SCI_A and PC-RS232 port/Expresscard RS232 connection. Will be as follows DSP-foot tube set to the corresponding level, and then reset

Reset time: GPIOF4 = 0 GPIOF12 = 0 GPIOF3 = 1 GPIOF2 = 1

Note: GPIOf4 for SCI_A TXD terminal, reset should be restored after the completion of the original DSP is able to carry the signal state

Step seven: Click SdFlash menu Flash items --- "Click Start, you can!!!. Check your RS232 or Expresscard 34 RS232 Serial Port can work normally!

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